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Craig Smith Music: Wedding Piano Prices

Craig Smith Music offers highly sought-after entertainment and music wedding packages in Lancashire ranging from just £550 for a basic package to £1249 for his top package (introductory rate of £1049 until the end of 2024). Factor in all that makes Craig's services unique, and make him one of the UK's leading wedding pianists, and you've got some unbeatable prices!

You'll find the standard five available packages below (for elopements, please click here. Scrolling further, you'll find a full description of what's entailed within each inclusion.

You can browse the current wedding brochure here.

Wedding Musicians and Wedding Pianists for Lancashire Wedding Venues

We are proud to offer the best quality musicians for the following venues:

Affordable wedding packages in Lancashire

Our North West wedding packages are designed to offer affordable wedding music ideas without scrimping on the quality of musicians. Our musicians are amongst the best Lancashire wedding music options at affordable prices, and include superb wedding singers, violinists, flute players and saxophonists.

Best wedding music for Bartle Hall wedding packages

Bartle Hall is a stunning Lancashire wedding venue, requiring classy music. Bartle Hall pianist Craig Smith is available for wedding breakfast piano from £550, and piano for Bartle Hall wedding ceremony piano from just £550 would be perfect. Also consider a flute player for Bartle Hall, saxophone or violin and piano duos. We are able to provide classy acoustic music and Live Lounge music for Bartle Hall in the form of Acoustics By Kate.

Wedding pianist for Eaves Hall

Eaves Hall is a stunning country hall wedding venue in Lancashire with a grand piano in its entrance hall. Craig is recommended to play the piano at Eaves Hall for wedding cocktail music and guests arrival entertainment. He is also available to provide a electric piano for Eaves Hall wedding ceremony piano music.

Wedding pianist for Mitton Hall

Mitton Hall is a fantastic country hotel wedding venue in Lancashire with a grand piano in its bar area. Craig is available as a Mitton Hall piano player, for wedding ceremony, wedding reception cocktails and guests arrival entertainment.

Wedding Packages & Prices

Platinum Plus Package - New for 2025

A truly all-inclusive party package, offering savings of £100s vs hiring a separate host and lawn games!

£1249 £1049 introductory rate

Music for Guests' Arrivals Hour, Ceremony and Evening Turnaround, plus either Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast... AND Hosting too!

Platinum Package

Music for four parts of the day with a choice of pianos to match your decor, and Craig's much sought-after ability to involve your guests using his unique Electronic Requests System!


Choose music for any four of Guests' Arrivals Hour, Ceremony, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Turnaround

Whole-Day Package

Music for the three main daytime parts of a standard wedding day


Half-Day Packages

Music for either the first or second half of your daytime proceedings


Early option: choose music for any/all of Guests' Arrivals Hour, Ceremony and Drinks Reception

Late option: music for Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast

Basic Package

No frills, just the very best music for your ceremony and drinks reception


Music for the Ceremony and Drinks Reception

*Add £50 where speeches will precede food service. This covers a longer day, but also that you'll likely need more music for the food service itself as these tend to be more leisurely if speeches are already out of the way.

Bookings are secured following submission of a booking form (available on request) with a "Date Retainer" of £150, included in the prices above; the remaining "Package Price" is payable two weeks before the wedding. Choice of portable baby grand piano colour subject to availability on your date. All equipment is suitable for use outdoors subject to safe access to a power supply. It is kindly requested that a meal be provided to your musician on any package spanning the wedding breakfast.

Platinum Plus introductory rate valid on any booking secured during 2024.

What's Included?

As standard all packages include travel up to a given radius (mileage is applicable beyond this), insurance (most venues require this from external suppliers), set up time, and all necessary equipment. There is the option to add vocals, saxophone, violin or flute to any package.

Guests' Arrivals

Entertainment for guests arriving at the venue, usually starting an hour before they will be called to the ceremony. This can be in the bar to which they will arrive or outside (weather permitting) to give them a grand welcome as they walk up the drive.

Please note this is not music for guests taking seats for the ceremony, which is included as part of the Ceremony Music itself.

Ceremony Music

Entertainment for guests taking seats and awaiting the ceremony start (usually 20-30 minutes of music, dependent on venue and how fashionably late you make your entrance!), then music for the entrance, exit and your signing of the register songs. With the exception of the Basic Package, ceremony songs are a completely the free choice of the couple; there is no list that you are asked to choose from. On the Basic Package, a very substantial list of songs (available to view prior to booking) will be provided from which to choose music; rehearsal time is not included on the Basic Package.

Drinks Receptions

Entertainment for drinks receptions following a wedding ceremony. Receptions are typically about 90 minutes of music but everything is flexible and your music will be for the duration of this part of your day unless a relocation is needed for subsequent parts of the day.

Music will be based on your chosen style(s), with the set list put together by Craig specifically for your event, combining your favourite songs, styles, artists, decades etc and Craig's experience as to the best music to play in any given situation. Specific requests from yourselves in advance and from guests on the day are always welcome.

Wedding Breakfasts

Entertainment throughout the meal, beginning either as the newlyweds take their seats, or when speeches finish if these are to take place before food is served. Where speehes are after the meal, we'll play you into the room either with some upbeat live music, or if you'd prefer something from Spotify, that can be played through the PA.

As with drinks receptions, Craig will build for you a personalised set list. On Platinum and Platinum Plus packages, Craig will introduce himself as guests take seats and invite your guests to use the Electronic Requests System (see below). Background music will be provided whilst he does so, and during any break he may need to take.

Electronic Requests System (ERS)

Craig' unique and very popular system allowing guests to use their phones to send requests directly to him without leaving their seats and conversations. Guests always used to make a few requests while Craig played, but once the ERS was introduced, as many as 120 song requests would come through during a meal - it's a fantastic way of treating your guests, getting them involved and, most importantly, ensuring the music played is what they want to help build towards a brilliant party!

Evening Turnarounds

With music between the main daytime proceedings and the re-opening of the main function room for the evening party, your daytime guests (and any evening guests arriving early) get some entertainment while your DJ/band set up. This is usually the low point of a wedding, but providing some entertainment can turn it into the most fun part of the day given everyone is "well lubricated" at this stage, and is the perfect way to set up a stellar evening party! Music is upbeat and/or sing-along, and requests are always welcome. Turnarounds tend to last around 60-90 minutes, finishing between 7.30pm and 8pm. On the Platinum Plus package, this is the time during which guests will have access to the "Interactive Piano Bar" (see below).

Interactive Piano Bar

Taking evening turnaround piano entertainment to the next level, our interactive piano bar turns your venue into a singalong party extravaganza, great for video footage and some fantastic photos of your guests enjoying themselves. Guests are provided with access to digital lyric sheets for dozens of songs from the 50s to present day, a pianist at their disposal and a microphone to belt out their favourites! Guests (as long as they're careful!) are welcome place their drinks on the piano while they gather around to enjoy the good times.


New from 2024, Craig will be offering hosting on top of simply performing. Hosing packages will include all necessary annoucnements to guests, introductions of speeches with a microphone available for use, the popular option to have songs played to announce into the room the happy couple, bridal party and groomsmen (plus the happy couple's children / parents etc) and a choice of fun games to get your guests involved during the meal with some great opportunities for photos and video.

Currently, the choice of pre/post speech games available are:

  1. "Mr & Mrs": using questions submitted by guests, we test how well the happy couple know each other (and usually find out who thinks they're always right!).
  2. "The First Dance Game": the bride's married friends are asked in advance of the big day for their first dance song titles. We'll play a selection and if theirs is played, their partner has to invite them to relive the moment with a quick 30 second dance at the top table. It's one for the romantics, but there's also a bit of jeopardy for any husband/wife who don't remember their first dance!
  3. "The Sing Off": We'll use Craig's Electronic Requests System to choose one song submitted by each table, and they'll be held back until the end of the meal when we'll have a sing-off! The person who submitted that song will sing it with the help of the rest of the table, in a bid to win their table a bottle of bubbly, with the bride and groom having the important role of judges.
  4. "Musical Bingo": Each table will recieve musical bingo cards, and the first guests to hear all of the songs on their card played win the bubbly!
  5. As an alternative to games, we can place cards on the tables and ask guests to write their messages and advice to the happy couple, some of which will be read out over the mic, either by Craig or by the best man / maid of honour.

Hosting is exclusively available on Platinum Plus packages, where you'll also choose between having piano for the drinks reception or the meal. If you choose piano for drinks rather than the meal, the only impact is that "The Sing Off" and "Musical Bingo" arent available; all music will be played through the PA system and we'll have a playlist set up for your meal music instead. If you choose piano for the meal, we'll still play original recordings through the PA for all of the big entrances etc to get the party going.

Lawn Games

Craig's family wedding company also provides several other wedding services ranging from decor and design to lighting and... lawn games! Lawn games are available to all couples ragardless of package, but on elligible packages during summer months, you'll be entitled to three complimentary games (more can be added for an additional fee).

Planning Portal

Every booking of Craig's services comes with a dedicated secure online portal where you'll find in one convenient place: important dates for the diary, all your invoicing, tools to help you choose music, exclusive discounts on other wedding services and more.

Other Private Functions / Bespoke Packages

Other non-wedding functions are priced on an individual basis. Please get in touch with details of location, music start and finish times and an anticipated time to be set up by.

Corporate Piano Bookings

Piano for Corporate Functions

Prices are available upon discussion of each individual client's requirements. Enquiries from entertainment agencies are welcome.

Piano for Hotel & Restaurant Bookings

All bookings negotiated dependent on performance requirements, marketing opportunities etc.

Corporate clients have included:

All packages, prices, promotions and offers are subject to Craig's availability on your wedding/event date. Bookings are handled by North West Weddings & Events Ltd, except corporate bookings, which are managed by Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd. Both can be booked through Craig, however.